Sharon Salzberg on Mindful Life

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Sharon Salzberg on Mindful Life

Last week, I spoke to Sharon Salzberg, one of my all-time favourite mindfulness teachers and authors. As many of you may know, Sharon has a no-nonsense, practical, and relatable style of explaining mindfulness. She's a pioneer in the field of meditation, a world-renowned teacher, and the New York Times bestselling author of Real Happiness and other books. She's played a pivotal role in bringing meditation and mindfulness into mainstream American culture since the 1970s, including co-founding the Insight Meditation Society with Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein in 1975. I had the pleasure of talking to Sharon last month about about mindfulness, her Thirteenth book, "Finding Your Way", how she came to the practice and some of her inspirations.

You can listen to the interview on the Mindful Life podcast on Spotify, Apple, or here. 


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