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Delivery policy

  1. Introduction

1.1    In this policy we set out details of the delivery methods, periods and charges that apply to orders for our products made through our website or by email.

1.2    This policy shall not create legally enforceable rights and obligations; rather, our usual practice in relation to the delivery of products is indicated in this policy.

  1. Free delivery

2.1    We offer free standard delivery on orders of up to 5 copies of Mindfulness at Work and Home to the UK and Europe. For more than 5 copies, standard postage costs will apply. You will be emailed with the cost and invoiced separately.

  1. Geographical limitations

3.1    We deliver Mindfulness at Work and Home worldwide.

  1. Delivery methods and periods

4.1    The methods that we use to deliver our products, and the time periods within which delivery is usually completed, are as follows:

(a) Second class post from the UK.

  1. Delivery problems

10.1  If you experience any problems with a delivery, please contact us using the contact details that we publish on our website or otherwise notify to you.