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Everyday Mindfulness with Gillian Higgins

Everyday Mindfulness has been created to offer resources, courses, news and meditations to those who want to discover how mindfulness can make a difference to everyday life.
Mindfulness is simple. It involves paying attention to moments of everyday life with curiosity and openness, on purpose. It’s about dropping into your present moment experience and being aware of what you’re doing, while you’re doing it. It also encourages you to be self-compassionate – everyday.
As a trained mindfulness practitioner, I now share that knowledge with others. The experience can be transformative - both at work and at home. Explore the blog, meditations and courses on offer to find out how mindfulness could help you to improve your focus, sleep better, reduce anxiety and experience the present moment – before it's gone.


"Gill’s sessions in lockdown were wonderful, a real tonic in these unprecedented and anxious times. Her depth of knowledge was apparent and her enthusiasm for her subject matter was infectious. I found the guided meditation sessions genuinely soothing."

Jane Bickerstaff

"Gillian’s sessions on mindfulness were calming and thoughtful, allowing oneself to feel present in the moment. Gillian, in her relaxed and soothing voice, highlighted the importance of identifying our inner critical voice and learning to have more self-compassion. These key principles became the focus of how I began my day and how I viewed myself which I found uplifting. I would recommend this course as a way of developing the tools to manage life’s stresses."

Nutan Fatania

"Thanks for providing an excellent course on the importance of mindfulness and for helping me to understand how to harness it. I feel it has really helped me to get my work life balance back on track and enabled me to gain a better perspective on what really matters."


"A sanctuary of head space, me time and pure escapism all bundled in a beautiful package delivered by the wonderful Gill Higgins. Her eloquence, brilliance, dual skill in advocacy and in leading meditation (I mean who knew that these would complement each other so beautifully?) and evident passion for mindfulness leave you feeling as if there is no place that she would rather be. Quite frankly, there is nowhere else I would rather be. These sessions kept me sane through lockdown and for that I will be forever indebted to Gill. My lockdown lifeline."

Emma Williams

"I first met Gillian in a professional capacity several years ago and learned of her complementary expertise in mindfulness and meditation, not a skill set usually associated with barristers! Her calm, steadied, and soothing application of meditation techniques in practice proved peerless and has significantly contributed to the health and wellbeing of myself, my colleagues and family. Combine her skills with an understanding of how the brain works and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. Thank you Gill."

Ian Hynes
Intersol Global

"I look forward to Gill’s mindfulness course each week. It not only provides me with a moment of peace and serenity but the sessions are also full of information on how important meditation is to everyday life. By the end of the course you not only feel relaxed but also shielded from the rough and tumble of the pressures of modern life. I now couldn’t think of living without meditation in my weekly schedule. I can’t recommend her courses enough."

Louise Andrews, West Sussex

"Gillian’s sessions were wonderful. Each week, she unpacked how the practice of mindfulness creates an opportunistic gap between what happens to us and how we ultimately choose to respond. We explored how beneficial this is not just in gently checking our knee-jerk reactions when times are hard, but also in cultivating a sense of self-awareness when times are good. Afterwards, she guided us through a peaceful meditation – the body scan was a favourite. Gillian is passionate, compelling and tremendous at what she does. Thank you for introducing me to mindfulness at a time when I really needed it!"

Alanood Sinjab, London


Choose a course to suit your personal or corporate needs. Delivered by Zoom or online and tailored for beginners, our courses introduce the concept of mindfulness and its many benefits. 

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Mindfulness at Work and Home is the perfect companion to mindfulness on the go. It’s a down-to-earth beginners’ guide to the practice – backed by the latest scientific research.

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Read articles on the application of mindfulness in daily life and news about the latest courses. Find out more about how mindfulness can help you feel less stressed, improve your focus, and grow your self-compassion.

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Listen to free meditations recorded by Gillian to get you started on your mindfulness journey. These audio-guided practices can be used anywhere and everywhere.

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Everyday Mindfulness: 8-Week Course

In the 8-week course, you will learn how mindfulness can help you to feel less stressed, reduce your anxiety, improve your focus, grow your self-compassion and enjoy a greater sense of well-being. Each week, you will explore different benefits of mindfulness from managing your inner critical voice to improving your ability to focus, from boosting your resilience to managing conflict. The course is pre-recorded so you can listen and tune in at your own pace with weekly videos, meditations, guidance, hints and tips.

Weekly Seminar

A weekly video seminar focuses on different benefits of mindfulness and how to bring the practice into your everyday life. 

Audio Guided Meditations

Each week, a different guided meditation will help you to help you develop your mindfulness practice.

Hints, Tips and Daily Mindfulness Practices

There are daily hints, tips, quotes and suggestions to help support your mindfulness practice.

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