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Everyday Mindfulness 8-Week Online Course


Everyday Mindfulness 8-week Pre-Recorded Online Course

Price: £125

This brand new 8-week pre-recorded online course explains how to practise mindfulness and start experiencing its many benefits.

Ideal for beginners, this course is packed with weekly videos, audio-guided meditations, lectures, hints and tips on how to practice mindfulness. Each week, a new theme is explored to explain how mindfulness can make a difference to your daily life. From feeling less stressed to having more self-compassion, from managing your inner critical voice to improving your ability to focus ‚Äď to name just a few.¬†

Your course teacher is Gillian Higgins, mindfulness meditation teacher and international barrister.


Course Outline and Objectives


In this eight-week course, you will learn how to develop and sustain your mindfulness practice. Each week, I will share with you a particular benefit of mindfulness in a video seminar, supported by reading notes, a guided meditation, suggested practices, hints and tips. 

Understanding the different ways in which mindfulness can enhance your experience of daily life will encourage you to keep your practice going as the weeks progress.

You will learn about the following themes and concepts: 

Week 1: What is mindfulness? What are the benefits and how do I practise?

Week 2: How can mindfulness help to reduce worry and anxiety?

Week 3: Reducing stress and Increasing the ability to focus

Week 4: Taming the inner critical voice

Week 5: Fostering self-compassion with mindfulness

Week 6: Boosting resilience with mindfulness

Week 7: Managing conflict mindfully

Week 8: Challenges to maintaining a mindfulness practice - How do I keep going?

At the end of the eight-week course, you will understand how to practise mindfulness and know more about the ways in which it can help you to grow your self-awareness and enjoy a greater sense of well-being.